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Buggy Services

Valet car services

Providing buggy services at the Louvre sounds like a wonderful addition to the experience for visitors! Buggy services can greatly enhance accessibility and convenience, especially in large cultural institutions like the Louvre. It allows visitors to navigate the vast spaces more comfortably, ensuring they can focus on enjoying the art and history rather than worrying about physical strain.

Parking Lot Management

Valet car services

The Valet Company designs parking garage and lot management solutions that drive your business and deliver exceptional guest care. We will work closely with you to create bespoke packages that help you achieve the best and highest use of your parking asset. 

We will ensure that your surface parking lots are clean and in excellent condition with regular inspections and cleaning. Damaged or faded signs will be replaced to ensure clear direction and prevent traffic congestion.

Valet Parking Services

Valet car services

The Valet Company specialises in parking management and in  operating valet parking services. Our valet services are scalable and catered to our clients needs. The Valet Company works with prestigious hotels, universities, restaurants, companies and residents to create white-glove, curbside service. With a suited manager on site at all times and an intimate understanding of the venue logistics, each valet experience operates seamlessly. 

There are times when a venue is not feasibly able to offer full valet services. In these instances, The Valet Company can offer shuttle service to and from venues.

Special Events & Private Venues

Special Events

The Valet Company offers a complete service package that extends our commercial expertise to private events such as weddings, at-home parties, and business functions. We work closely with our customers to create a tailored parking plan that will support any event, regardless of size or space limitations.

Our industry-standard procedures including vehicle handling and transaction etiquette, emphasis on personal appearance and hospitality, and curbside professionalism are apparent from the arrival of the first vehicle to the departure of the last.

Our Services include:

  • Professional supervision
  • Uniformed attendants
  • Signs
  • Key storage
  • Traffic control
  • Shuttle service

Consulting and Site Planning

Valet car services

We bring to each new client, operational experience that makes us uniquely qualified to develop valet parking, and parking strategies that will increase revenue while decreasing costs. Our expertise also provides our clients with effective guidance, allowing them to make cost effective informed decisions.The Valet Company will design solutions that:

  • Maximise and Sustain Revenue
  • Create New and Repeat Business
  • Minimise Operating Costs
  • Enhance the Guest Parking Experience
  • Provide Differentiating Parking Offerings and Amenities to Guests

Waterless Car Wash

  • Initially, all cars are inspected to make sure they have no thick tar, stones or heavy or thick dirt on the paintwork. (These are removed by our waterless pre-wash system before the standard cleaning process takes place).
  • We then spray a section of the surface with our unique solution, wipes the paintwork then buffs to a highly polished shine. It really is a very simple process. This completely eliminates the need for excessive water, soap, hoses, chamois, buckets and waxes when cleaning your car.
  • We use a completely non-toxic, biodegradable, safe to the environmentall-around product.

Corporate and Private Events

Valet car services

We realise that our front door service will be the first and last impression your guests will have of an event. Whether you require valet parking service for a wedding, corporate event, anniversary, birthday, or any type of get together, we take this responsibility seriously and make sure they receive a “Hotel Experience.”

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